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produzione ingranaggi settore automobilismo rally racing formula
produzione ingranaggi settore automobilismo rally racing formula
produzione ingranaggi settore automobilismo rally racing formula
produzione ingranaggi settore automobilismo rally racing formula
produzione ingranaggi settore automobilismo rally racing formula
Oggi siamo fornitori di cambi ad innesti frontali per le Mitsubishi Lancer Evo del Team Rally Art gruppo N con cui collaboriamo da ormai 5 anni. Quella dei Rally e in generale della costruzione di ingranaggi speciali per quei campi dove i limiti della meccanica vengono spesso e volentieri superati è ormai un settore dove la Brena gode di una esperienza e che in più di trent’anni si è consolidata con scambio di informazioni tra il cliente e il fornitore e dove tutt’oggi gli stessi clienti vengono ad attingere per la costruzione di nuovi particolari.

The firm Brena has long and successful history in the field for motor racing is on track or road , in addition to the production of small series forcspecial cars as Ferrari F40 and Bugatti 110 ,which began between years 60 and 70 with first deliveries of bevel gear Klingelnberg to Autodelta Alfa Romeo racing department for Alfa Romeo sport prototypes.

This collaboration continued in subsequent years with supply for formula 1 ,Indy cars and rally with the legendary Alfa Romeo GTV, which gained wide survey results. to get the full supply of dog ring engagement gearbox for Alfa Romeo 75 Imsa.

With excellent relationship and goods results, the deliveries continued into the 80’s and later providing dog ring full gearbox. engine timing gear set,Klingelnberg bevel gear for gearbox and for limited slip to 155 V6 TI DTM AlfaRomeo (from 1993 to1996) At the end of its career in the DTM, the 155V6 TI has registerd a record of 38 victories (plus 3 races are not valid for championship) anf to this day the it is the car that holds the most successful on this league : this thanks to our collaboration and the quality of the parts supplied by us.

In the kate90’s Alfa Romeoìs racing department was later transferred to the N Tecnology for the races with Alfa Romeo 155 first on Superturismo Champoionship and then on the ETCC, with plenty of victories and Championship, equipped with dog rings complete gearbox.engine titanium timing gears, drive shafts supplied by Brena.

For same race and championship Brena supplied same components designed for Jas Motorsport Honda cars.

Gears for rally car gearbox

In the 80 e 90 years the firm Brena worked with main formula 1 team when the turbo engine with power over 1000 HP were faced on the circuit around the world : our customers haven been Brabam Alfa Romeo , Benetton,Lotus ,Minardi,Osella, Willliams,Zakspeed that with our pinion- -crown Klingelnberg and various types of cylindrical gears ,could play the races, successfully and without problem of broken, resulting on several victories and on the USA IMSA champioshiop with Zakspeed Ford Probe prototypes.

While the successes were becoming increasingly important, the Brena company name spread worldwide for the high level of reliability reached , as to be contacted ,in the mid of 80’s , by Lancia-Abarth team, Lancia racing department. The collaboration began with the production of pinion/crown for S4 group B well then with the development and the subsequent production of complete dog rings gearbox, Klingelnberg pinion/crown ,driveshafts ,differential /limited slip for that unforgettable car that was world champion for six consecutive years (1987 to 1993): the fabulous Lancia Delta Integrale Group A Today we are aupplier of original pieces , full gearbox included, given that we have received Lancia permission to continue the production Components and aggregates now required by pilots who still use these car for racing uphill and track, given the best well-established reliability, but also by private who want to have for original spare parts for their beautiful Delta rally car parked in the garage or in a museum and used on special occasions.

Today we are supplier of dog rings gearbox for Mitsubishi Lancer Evo –Group N –Rally Art Team with whom we work now for five years. The rally and in general the construction of special gears or those fields where the mechanical limits are exceeded more often than ,it is now an area where Brena has thirty years of experience and collaboration with its customers, supplemented by its own technical knowledge and design, so do not only now we can help our clients achieve their construction project successfully.

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